Issues with deployments


The incident has been resolved and the task runner backlog has been worked through.

Sorry for the interruption!

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The root cause was tracked down to a CloudFlare outage which was preventing us from uploading/downloading bundles in the background. This is currently being rectified by the CloudFlare team:

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Deployments are beginning to recover. Once confirmed we'll begin work on reducing the current task runner backlog.

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We've paused all background tasks for the time being in an attempt to clear up some of those that are stuck due to deployment issues.

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We're currently experiencing issues with deployments failing for newly created bundles.

We believe this might be down to a problem with an external storage provider and are investigating.

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Began at:

Affected components
  • Task Runner
  • Clusters
    • EU-WEST-1
    • EU-WEST-2
    • EU-WEST-3
    • EU-WEST-4
    • EU-WEST-5
    • UK-LONDON-2
    • UK-LONDON-3
    • UK-LONDON-4
    • US-EAST-1
    • US-EAST-2
    • US-EAST-3
    • US-EAST-4
    • US-EAST-5
    • US-EAST-6