Errors within projects due to communication errors with assets platform


The assets platform is now responding to requests as expected.

We'll be considering appropriate strategies to prevent something similar happening again in the future.

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The issue with the assets platform underlying storage provider persists but we've applied patches to all projects which we believe were completely offline due to this issue (you might have a few missing svgs on some pages).

Once the problem is resolved completely we'll execute a sync on all of the edited projects in order to get their codebase back in-line with their currently deployed bundles.

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Issues persist with the underlying data storage for the Servd assets platform. The majority of projects which were using seomatic in combination with the assets platform have been patched to prevent those sites from failing entirely. Interacting with assets via the Craft control panel is still likely to cause problems.

We've taken the Servd task runner offline to avoid project deployment undoing the patches we've put in place to help with this. We'll reinstate that as soon as possible.

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The issue with the underlying storage provide in combination with some patching has largely mitigated the issue according to our graphs.

Continuing to monitor

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This issue is primarily impacting projects which are using seomatic and have a meta image residing on the Servd Assets platform.

Currently attempting to mitigate by patching seo-matic within these projects

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We're currently seeing errors with project that are using the Servd assets platform in specific ways.

The problem seems to be due to failed communications between the Servd plugin and the assets platform during file listing operations.

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Affected components
  • Task Runner
  • Clusters
    • EU-WEST-1
    • EU-WEST-2
    • EU-WEST-3
    • EU-WEST-4
    • EU-WEST-5
    • UK-LONDON-2
    • UK-LONDON-3
    • UK-LONDON-4
    • US-EAST-1
    • US-EAST-2
    • US-EAST-3
    • US-EAST-4
    • US-EAST-5
    • US-EAST-6